Chicken Discovers the Playground

Chicken Watches TV

Television tends to have the ability of taking over 110% of one’s attention span. Is it the hundreds of channels to choose from? Perhaps the subliminal “buzzing” sound it makes when it’s on? Or because it illuminates different colors and attracts us the way a mosquito is attracted to “the blue light”? We all have our own experience with television. For Chicken – when it’s on – the world could be ending and he’ll still be glued to the television set.

But for those who appreciate a good TV series or two (or twelve) – here’s a little humor to go along with your viewing schedule!

Chicken Does a Good Deed

Humans have a natural tendency to want to help each other, whether it’s someone with a flat tire on the side of the road, or a mother trying to get her baby stroller up a flight of stairs. Animals have been known to miraculously help their owners in distress when no one else was around to “save” them. With these instincts at play, Chicken had an inclination to behave in a similar fashion and invested another person’s money towards their greatest need: food.

A special “Thank You” to Santa Barbara’s local bakery Our Daily Bread for allowing us to photograph a portion of the adventure on-site!

Chicken Does Yoga

One of the most bizarre things you can envision is a chicken doing downward facing dog. But when it comes to health and fitness (calibrating the breath and strengthening the mind) doesn’t the idea come across as normal? Chicken knows how to take care of himself, and realizes that his body just isn’t getting any younger (considering he’s only three years old). A youthful body yet an old soul makes Chicken a perfect role model at influencing “his kind” to be more aware of their health and showing “them” fun ways to keeping fit.

Too bad there’s no other “kind” than Chicken that exists in this world.

Chicken Does Yoga, Part 2

Humans rely heavily on their limbs to function, just as birds rely on their wings to fly. Chicken had put himself in a “half-moon” yoga pose, causing him to rely on a miracle to get out of it. Physical limitations may hinder our decision to commit to certain physical activities, but it’s the spirit that encourages us to think beyond the what-if scenarios and catapult our desires into reality. In Chicken’s case, being fit and healthy was more important to him than the fear of conducting a pose that would eventually turn into a funny memory he will cherish throughout his life.

Chicken Goes to the Spa

Aahhh…the spa. A place we go to relax and remove ourselves from the chaotic world we live in. Chicken decided he needed some pampering and treated himself to a spa day. With a turn of events after his hot stone massage, Chicken was introduced to a large, brown egg-shaped tent. It was hard to convince him this was not his home. Consequently he received the “full treatment” without realizing what the outcome would bring.

A special “Thank You!” to B Boutiques for allowing us to use their space to shoot this Chicken Adventure!

Chicken Bathes Manola

Some items are dishwasher safe, some are not. A pint-sized, long haired “poof-poof” chihuahuah….is not. Chicken is a chicken who always means well no matter what he decides to do next. Manola is a tiny creature Chicken looks after fondly as if she were his own. He makes sure she’s fed, goes on walks, and of course, that she’s clean and always presentable.

After the bath, Chicken sat down with Manola and taught her how to create a Facebook fan page. As a result, Manola now has her own page…check it out and become a fan!

Chicken Serenades His Valentine Date

Despite how it manifests, Chicken will do anything to fulfill his desires. Not that Chicken doesn’t have the courage to approach his online crushes, we just haven’t taught him how a dating site works yet. It’s more fun seeing him strategize ways to impress a romantic interest and thinking she has a clue to what’s going on.

Chicken Walks Wyley

What do you get when you put together a chicken and a dog? Well, we don’t have to worry about which came first in this instance. What you get is a load of entertainment and a completed daily task. Not that we don’t enjoy walking the dog; we enjoy living vicariously through Chicken’s decisions to do chores in ways we would never think to do on our own.

But come on, be honest… how many times have you wished you were small enough to ride a dog down the street?

Chicken Creates Art

Creating art is a form of expressing one’s inner-most feelings about themselves and the world they live in. For Chicken, it’s about making a mess. There’s nothing we can’t keep Chicken from doing. If he wants to paint, let him paint. If he wants coffee, give him coffee. If he wants a pet snail, let him find his own pet snail.

The magical thing about Chicken is that, candidly, his true colors come out (no pun intended) in the process of experiencing the activity he wants to achieve. This is something we are proud to witness firsthand.